We are a home care service provider in Sri Lanka and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of personalized care to our valued clients in the comfort of their own homes. With a clear vision to become the preferred choice in-home care services, we strive to promote independence, preserve dignity, and enhance the overall quality of life for those we serve.

At Parceriaz, we understand that each individual has unique needs and priorities. That’s why our services are designed with a personal touch, ensuring that we fully comprehend and cater to the specific requirements of our clients. Our compassionate and highly skilled professionals not only assist with practical tasks, but also provide companionship and emotional support, ensuring a holistic approach to care.


Our vision is to become the first choice in-home care service provider in Sri Lanka, committed to providing the highest quality home care to our clients in the comfort of their own homes.


Our mission is to provide truly bespoke health, social care and support. We will deliver our services with dedication, sensitivity and compassion to promote our clients’ independence, to maintain their dignity and to respect their right to a good quality life.

Our focus is to ensure that our services are provided with a personal touch and that we fully understand the needs of our clients based on priorities in their lives.

Our Values

When delivering world class care and support services to our clients, the values we perceive are core to everything we do. These are our guiding principles.



that our clients are looking for world class standards expected from a partner of a global care brand and we are committed to delivering them.


to continuously improve and develop new service models by listening to the outcomes our clients’ feedback.


our clients’ wishes, seek to understand their aspirations and support them to achieve their personal goals.


is fundamental to building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients and their families.


a culture of involvement and participation of our clients and their families

Listen to our clients

and will speak up for them

Care & Protect

privacy of our clients

Recognize and value

our care staff as our greatest asset.

Our Leadership

Sri Lanka is one of the fastest aging countries in the world; growth of our elderly population is far faster- almost double – compared to other countries in our region.

Today we see an increasing number of young and middle aged Sri Lankans migrating for work and settlement joining hundreds of thousands already overseas.

In a family focused culture this brings about a dilemma for those who have migrated or have plans to do so. How to keep our elders happy, healthy and safe at home while being thousands of miles and few time zones away is a major concern to many.

We believe in stepping up here- especially as our state does not provide a sponsored care scheme, to give our migrants the peace of mind.

Our aim is to provide a person-centred care service with the best care technology available to keep our loved ones happy, healthy and safe at home.

To do this, we will partner with an international home care provider delivering care services to global quality standards- that our customers would expect.

Our service is backed up by our 24/7 multi-lingual operations centre. Sri Lankan migrants overseas, looking after the care-needs of loved ones back home have the added back up of our global network of offices in USA, Canada, UK Australia and New Zealand.

At NAAG we are ready to keep our elders happy, healthy safe and independent at home in Sri Lanka.

Dillan Ariyawansa
President - NAAG

Our Services

Our professional are not just there to get the housework done, they also provide friendship and they are there to provide comfort when needed.

Practical Help at Home

Our “Practical Help at Home” service supports people who need assistance to do tasks around their home and to get out and about. We provide Light Housekeeping-Light cleaning and tidying, Laundry and garbage management, home organising including arranging tradespeople and gardening services, weekly grocery shopping and managing household bill payments .

Companion Care

The “Companion Care” service we provide includes socialisation and transportation services so that our clients stay engaged with the outside society. Our service includes accompanying on regular walks, on social outings and leisure outings, reading books or newspapers, playing games or engaging in hobbies.

Peace of mind

We also provide “Peace of mind” to our clients and their families with our round the clock Safety supervision through wearable monitors and tablets supervised through our 24/7 operations centre, safety supervision of when carers are present and conducting a safety assessment when required.

Wellness Support

The ”Wellness Support” we offer includes light exercise management, cognitive stimulation, meal planning on request, health and medical reminders for daily medication and periodic health screening checks, managing medical, dental, optical, therapy and grooming appointments.

Person Centered Support

We also provide “”Person Centered Support”” at home to help with more intimate and personal daily routines for seniors and adults requiring specialist assistance. We understand that part of a daily routine can be difficult to do or may be impossible to do alone and our specialist care team can provide hygiene assistance, mobility assistance, safety supervision, medication management, nursing and specialty care when required.

This service is available from one-hour per day through to 24-hour live-in care, your choice of support is available as and when you need it and is tailored to meet individual needs.

Our Caregivers

We recognise and value our care team as our greatest asset. We Sri Lankans possess a warm and friendly nature and smiling faces. It reflects our eagerness to help others. Extending care to needy comes naturally.

The core team of caregivers are experienced in providing, live-in home care services for seniors in Sri Lanka as well as overseas. We will also bring a new generation of care givers in collaboration with two of Sri Lankas vocational training institutes who provide training courses for NVQ3 and NVQ4 certification.

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Innovative Care Tech Solutions

Wavve Pro Contactless Sleep Sensor

A smart, contactless monitoring device for senior citizens. Alerts for abnormal breath/heart rate, prolonged bed-exit, and more. Sends emergency alerts via phone call, SMS, and in-app. Generates data-based sleep reports for health management.

Smartfall Blue Fall Pendant

The Smartfall is an intelligent falls pendant, usually worn around the neck, which allows users to raise an alert by pressing the help button and also automatically detects falls, if enabled.

Wavve Elderly Care System

Bio-vital and sleep monitoring using MM wave radar technology. Detailed activity reports with analytics and trends. Expandable accessories like door sensors, SOS buttons, indoor sirens, CO detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, water detectors, and more.

Remote Monitoring App

A smart and contactless monitoring and early warning device. Designed to screen for high-hazardous risks for senior citizens.

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