Finance & Administration

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, cost and efficiency are critical to any business. Our experience in handling Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) for airlines passengers, for airline passengers and Cargo Account Settlement System (CASS) alongside a range of other accounting solutions has helped our clients clear their financial hurdles while paving way for more transparent decision making.

Our clients benefit from

Increased cost savings

Flexible array of services to fit needs and budget

Best practices that yield measurable process improvements

Service Overview

  • Weekly reconciliation of cash and credit card sales
  • Performing weekly downloads/back-up of required files
  • Monthly memo analysis
  • Adjudicating travel agent debit memos and refunds
  • Refund administration for partially utilized and unutilized tickets
  • System security administration for ARC/BSP online accounting reports
  • Deposit and disbursement monitoring and reporting
  • Acting as legal representative for Principals
  • Acting as administrative interface with ARC/BSP
  • Preliminary sales audit/raising ADMs on behalf of carrier
  • Credit card charge-back administration
  • Ticketing support for non-ARC travel agents
  • Sales support, help desk for ARC/BSP travel agents
  • Administer carrier’s agency revocation programme
  • Weekly simplified reports of all transactions
  • Training on ARC procedure
  • Advice and file federal/state taxes
  • Settling air passage related taxes to relevant authorities
  • Make payments on behalf of carrier
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